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This game idea is played like 20 Questions, but for musical instruments




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Title – What Instrument Am I?
By – Kelly Rider
Subject – Music
Grade Level – 3-5
This lesson is a way to get children talking about instruments and their qualities and uniqueness. You can use this with however many instruments the children have learned.

1. Pick an instrument (I use cards with the instrument name on it)

2. This is sort of like 20 questions. I tell the children that I am an instrument and they have to ask questions such as which instrument family I am in, do I have a reed, do I buzz my lips to make a tone, do I use mallets, etc.

3. The children ask questions until the can guess the instrument.

4. I also switch this around where the children draw an instrument name and I have to guess the instrument.

The children love this game and ask to play it all of the time.

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