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“Who Wants to be a Music Master?” is the title of this lesson idea – Music Trivia




3, 4, 5, 6, 7  


Title – Who Wants to be a Music Master?
By – Katie Marshall
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Music
Grade Level – 3-7
Preparation – Get a variety of multiple-choice questions.
On the board write 1-10 vertically on each side of the board. Start with 1 at the bottom. Then place an arrow next to the 1’s. Next to both columns of 1-10 list the lifelines: Phone a Friend, Poll the Audience, and 50/50.

Divide the class into two teams. The game works similarly to “Who Wants to be A Millionaire?” except instead of one person answering all the questions the team works together.

One member of team A gets up and is given a question. I usually write the possible answers on the board so the student can look at them. He has the option to use a lifeline but if he uses one the rest of the team will not have it anymore. If he answers the question correctly the team moves up to level 2.

One member of team B gets up and goes through the same process and you just go back and forth.

You can only go up levels you can’t be taken down. But as an initiative I will say, “First team quiet raises a level.”

Life Lines – This is how they work:
Phone a Friend – The student can ask one person in the class their opinion.
Poll the Audience – The class votes by a show of hands what they think the right answer is. Make sure they’re honest; sometimes you’ll get someone on the opposite team that likes to sabotage.
50/50 – Take away 2 of the choices.

The team on the highest level wins!

I made up this game to prepare for the Standardized Fine Arts Test in my State. I like to ask some questions that might be over their head to see where they are. The students really enjoy it and find it a challenge.

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