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Language Arts  



Subject Area:                                                    English/Language Arts


Prep Time:                                                         5 minutes


Class Time:                                                        50 minutes


Grade Levels:                                                    3 – 5


Whole class participation:                         2 to 25 students


JogNog for:                                                        Review and Assessment


Featured JogNog Games:                           3rd Grade Adjectives

(Cost: $.99 each OR FREE using JogNog Class Code HV6HKAR)



  • “Nog”      template
  • White      lined paper
  • Coloring      tools
  • Whiteboards      and Expo markers (for game)


  • Smartboard      or projector connected to PC


Common Core Standards: 


CCS.L.2.1e   Use adjectives and adverbs, and choose between them depending on what is to be modified.

CCS.L.3.1a  Explain the function of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in general and their functions in particular sentences.



Students will:

  • be able to      define “adjective” and understand its function as a part of speech
  • correctly      use 5 adjectives in a descriptive paragraph
  • design a      “nog” with 5 distinct physical characteristics
  • score 80% or      better on 2 levels of JogNog Adjectives game



  • Students      design their nogs, giving them distinct physical characteristics including      facial features, clothing and accessories (previous night’s homework)
  • Students      write a 3-5 sentence paragraph on white-lined paper describing the      characteristics of their nogs using descriptive adjectives.  (My nog is wearing a fluffy pink hat.)      Students highlight or underline 5 adjectives in their paragraphs (previous      night’s homework)
  • Students pin      their designed nogs to the bulletin board and take turns reading their 5      adjectives.  Classmates must guess      which nog is theirs based upon the descriptiveness of their adjectives.  (25 minutes)
  • To play      JogNog, go to and click on the “Class” tab.  Enter the code mentioned above to join a      class and play for FREE.
  • Project JogNog game “Adjectives” or      “Adjectives and Adverbs” up on the Smartboard
  • Play each      level of the game, reading questions and answers aloud for students. (25      minutes)
  • Do a slate      assessment—have students record their answers (1, 2, 3, 4) on a whiteboard      and tally incorrect answers of students (using a class list) for scoring      purposes


Assessment of Learning

  • Collect      paragraphs for assessment
  • JogNog      game with slate assessment

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