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November 2012 Newsletter

Featured Lesson Plans: Embracing Gratitude during Thanksgiving

The year is almost over and we have so much to be thankful for, starting with our community of teachers. HotChalk Lesson Plans Page has always been focused on providing free lessons and resources for teachers by teachers. We truly believe when great teachers come together to share their knowledge and resources, the entire education community benefits. That’s exactly what’s happening on We want to thank the thousands of teachers that share lessons daily, help rate lessons or join the conversation with us on our Facebook and Twitter communities.

As we look ahead to the next year we are excited to do more to help educators by creating a forum for discussions on teaching and creating more opportunities like the Back to School Contest to give back to the educators we love. As we near the Thanksgiving holiday we hope these lesson plans will teach students about gratitude in a fun and simple way. And of course, we encourage all of our teachers who give so much every day to take time in their own lives to rest and rejuvenate with loved ones during this special time of year.

Thanksgiving Themed Lessons

Don’t forget these lessons!

Do you have a useful lesson plan to share with other teachers? We would love to see it and your peers will appreciate it. Join our community at and submit your lesson plan today.


A D V E R T I S E M E N T:

Teaching Critical Thinking through Debate

This year’s elections are the perfect reminder of how important it is to engage students in classroom discussions. Using debate strategies as a conceptual starting point, educators can help their students become superior critical thinkers by gradually adding more challenging questions. Utilizing the presidential debates as an example, teachers can assign topics like taxes or government spending — two highly debated issues in the current election cycle. Preparing a classroom for one-on-one debates to improve critical thinking skills involves understanding the topic as well as other factors that affect audience perception. Get creative and think about how this lesson plan can also be used for different topics, in addition to the election, that will teach students about the art of debate. See this lesson.  


Elections 2012: Obama and Romney Square Off on Education

One topic the candidates continue to spar over is the future of K-12 and higher education in America, especially in light of the country’s dismal ranking in recent global assessment tests: 25th in overall performance according to 2009 PISA scores (17th in reading, 31st in mathematics, and 23rd in science).

Before you head to the polls next week see what the candidates have to say about education. You can use this article for quick links to help you learn more about the candidates’ positions on topics like teacher evaluations, Common Core Standards, and for-profit universities. Read more…



What Is Bullying and Who Does It?

One of the best outcomes of National Bullying Prevention Month was that our attention was directed at an issue schools and communities face all year long. October might be coming to a close, but the good news is you can carry out the ideals of National Bullying Prevention Month every day. It is essential to raise awareness about bullying, to stop or prevent it from occurring, to give victims of bullying the resources and assistance they need, and to inform bullies of consequences of their behavior and then enforce those consequences.

Take a look at these tips on how to identify and prevent bullying in your classroom. Read more…


Teacher’s Professional Development Round-Up

Sponsored by Concordia University Online Master’s of Education.

How to Use Social Media to Be a Better Education Leader

The conversion from social media doubter to believer wasn’t hard. Three years ago, New Milford High School principal Eric Sheninger believed there was no place in education for social media. Then, he read an article that convinced him to try Twitter. Quickly Sheninger saw this was a must-have tool for education. Read more…

4 Tips from Cool Cat Teacher that Will Make You a Tech Savvy Teacher

Technology teacher Vicki Davis (featured left) has a lot going on. She’s a full-time teacher, mother of three, an author and co-creator of the Flat Classroom Project focusing on technology that expands learning. Believe it or not, Davis also finds time to blog to share her wealth of knowledge and incredible passion for teaching with other educators. Did we mention her Cool Cat Teacher blog is one of the best teaching blogs on the web? We asked Davis to share insights on how technology can enhance learning in every classroom. Here are some tips from the Cool Cat’s classroom to yours! Read more…


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