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Creating a class birthday quilt from old cards brings the class together, teaches patterns, and how to tie


Art, Math  


PreK, K, 1, 2  

Title – Birthday Card Quilt
By – Justin Hylton
Primary Subject – Other – Classroom Idea
Secondary Subjects – Art, Math
Grade Level – P-2

Purpose: To make a quilt using old birthday cards


  • Old birthday cards no less then 12
  • Yarn any colors
  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors


  1. First, have the children bring in old birthday cards.
  2. Have the children write their names and birthday on the cards they brought.
  3. You need to cut each one to the same size.
  4. Then you punch holes around the sides.
  5. Cut yarn in strips of 8 inches.
  6. Let the children attach each card they brought together by using the yarn.
  7. You should have some cards you brought too.
  8. Then have them all get in a group and you and attach each of your sections together
  9. Your finished creation is a big class birthday quilt.

This quilt project groups the class together as a whole like a family. It also hopes teach them to tie and helps them with patterns.


  • Did the class work together as a group?
  • Did they learn how to tie?
  • Did they learn about patterns?

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