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This idea is for creating a Snowman Picture Christmas Ornament





Title – Snowman Picture Christmas Ornament
By – Dianne Novey
Primary Subject – Art 
Secondary Subjects – 
Grade Level – Preschool

We made these for our pre-K children for their Christmas presents for their parents.

Cut out a snowman shape approximately five inches. We included arms. Paste a face only shot of the child where the snowman’s head would be. We cut out a Santa type hat out of felt using all winter colors, (blue, purple, red, yellow, green) then we added a small white or color coordinated pom-pom to the end. Next we placed a color coordinated felt scarf around the snowman’s neck and fringed it. We will either place a magnet on the back to display on the refrigerator or we have used color coordinated telephone wire to hang at each hand of the snowman to use as an ornament. These are darling and the parents love them.

Dianne Novey
Small Fries Preschool
Loveland, Colorado

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