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Here is a review idea involving bean bags and a felt board





Title – Bean Bag Review Game
By – Stephanie Moore
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – Preschool

    This is a great and fun way to review any concept. In my four-year old kindergarten class, I reviewed shapes, colors and nursery rhyme characters. Before beginning the game, I review the shapes, colors and nursery rhyme characters. All of these were felt pieces. The children then sat in a circle with me in the middle. I had the felt board and felt pieces. I started the beanbag and each child passed it to the next one. When the music stopped, the beanbag stopped. The child holding the beanbag had to answer a question from me. I would put a shape on the felt board and ask, “What shape is this”? It works very simply with 4 year olds, but could continue to work well with older kids too. My kids loved it.

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