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This All-About-Me Scrapbook contains pictures, symbols, journal entrys, interests, and expectations




5, 6, 7, 8  


Title – “All About Me” Scrapbooks
By – Rex Houston
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – 5-8

This project will allow the students a creative avenue for introducing themselves to me (the teacher) and some of their classmates who may not know them. The scrapbook must be in a bound booklet format. It must contain a front and back cover. The project must be in correct order and have an original title and will be presented orally to the class. The order of the scrapbook should be as follows:

Picture Page (at least 1 page)

      (You may have more than one if your pictures are large.)
      Hint: Tape original pictures instead of gluing them or use color copies
    On this page the students will provide three pictures of themselves. They will need one picture of themselves as a baby or toddler, another one when they were about 7-9 years of age, and a recent picture of themselves. Under each picture they must describe the picture (when and where it was taken, do they like it, why or why not?).

Symbols Page (1 page for each symbol for a total of 5 pages)

    On this page the students must draw or glue items onto a page that represents some aspect of their lives. The students must provide a description of each item, the reason they chose it, and how it relates to them. This must be in writing. Each student must do at least five items. These items can be cut from a newspaper or magazine, or they can be drawn.

Journal Entry

    Write a one page journal entry entitled “Three things you need to know about _____________ (fill in your first and last name)”. The entry should have an introduction that identifies the three things you want us to know about you, a body containing three paragraphs (one for each of your three things you want us to know), and a conclusion summarizing the entry.

Completed Interest Inventory Sheet

    This handout was given to the students in class. It must be completed and placed in their scrapbooks.

Completed Learning Styles Sheet

    This handout was given to the students in class. It must be completed and placed in their scrapbooks.

Final Page

    Write a brief statement of your expectations of me as your teacher. In paragraph form, tell me what you expect me to do in this classroom as your teacher. Write at least one paragraph.

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