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This All-About-Me homework project is due on the first day of school




2, 3, 4  


Title – I Am Special
By – Janet Carmine
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – 2 – 4

Before students arrive at school for Meet-the-Teacher day, I cut out a 9 x 12 block initial of their first name. The homework assignment for the first day of school is to decorate their initial with pictures of things that are special to them. I do my own and use it as an example. On the first day of school, children share this with their classmates. We then create a bulletin board with all the initials. The students love seeing pictures of their special things, and the bulletin board keeps their interest for several months. No two have ever been alike, even though names may begin with the same letter. Even twins were found to have many different interests.

Some examples of what the children include:

A child who loves to read might cut out pictures of books. Others may have pictures of horses, insects, computers, super heroes, their own family, boats, jets… whatever makes that person special. One student last year decorated her letter with bows and ribbons as well as pictures. Another student made his in the form of a scrapbook. An ardent beach lover used shells along with a variety of pictures.


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