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This teacher welcomes students with a Jeopardy game with categories like staff, subjects, supplies, etc.




3, 4, 5  

Title – Back-to-School Jeopardy
By – Heidi Copeland
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – 3-5

I use a blank Jeopardy-type board for a fun review of various subject areas during the year. This activity introduces the students to my Jeopardy format and is a fun beginning-of-the-year game.

To make the board, divide a piece of poster board into five columns. Glue on library card pockets – one for the category header/title and four (or more if you wish) for the “answers.” On the outside of the library card pockets write the money or points amount. The answers are then written on index cards and inserted into the pockets.

For Back-to-School Jeopardy, the five categories I use are: School Supplies, 4th Grade Subjects, People Who Work Here (school staff, etc.), School Calendar (events and holidays,) and Lunch/Recess. I create answers for each category and write them on index cards. The students’ teams are the groups where they are sitting.

This is a fun way to introduce my students to the staff, the subjects we will be learning, etc.

I’ll take Back-to-School lesson plans for $500, please!

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