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This idea connects you with your students before school even starts




K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Making Connections
By – Shellie Proctor
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – K-3


      The day before school starts, I telephone each of my students at their residence. I introduce myself to their parents before speaking with their son or daughter. We chat about what we did over the summer and talk about what we’re looking forward to in the new school year. Many students are chatty, while some are shy. Parent responses to this gesture have been very positive.

I am bringing along sixteen of my Grade 2 students from last year into Grade 3. I will have eight new students from a different Grade 2 class. On the last day of school in June, one of my Grade 2 students asked me if I would be telephoning him again the night before school starts, just like I did last year.

    This telephone call really helps to renew the connection between old/new students with the teacher. I look forward to this every year and I know the students do also.

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