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This is a fun true/false introduction activity for the first day of school




6, 7, 8  

Title – True/False Introductions
By – Melissa Williams
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – 6-8

Procedure: This is a great first day of school activity to introduce yourself to your students and let them know about you.

Prior to the first day of school, write 10 statements about your childhood, favorite things, family, education, life experiences, etc. on a large sheet of chart paper and hang it up in a very visible location on your board. Nine of the statements should be true, and one of them should be false. It is great to include some of the basics, and a few interesting facts too (especially so that the false statement is not too obvious).

As each student is entering the class, place a sticker “dot” on their hand and tell them to keep it until directed on what to do with it. The students generally start to read the statements on their own as they get seated, and assume they are all true. Read the statements to the class, then explain that only 9 of them are actually true. Have them predict which one is false.

Each student comes up to the chart and puts their “dot” beside the statement they think is false. Discuss the data gathered. In no particular order, re-read each statement and tell the class if it was true or false. I always save the false statement and one true statement until the end so the suspense builds. Along with each true statement, I add additional information and events about my life.

Finally, the false statement is revealed…and it always shocks students which one is false (I did NOT always dream of being a teacher!) My students remember this activity and the information they learned about me all year!!

I then like to let the students write similar statements and I try to guess which one is false about them. It really lets me learn about them, and we have fun doing it.

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