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A great activity for first-of-year introductions




K, 1  

Title – A Cute Way to Introduce Students to Each Other
By – Joyce Smith
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – K-1

This is an idea that I learned while I was doing student teaching from my supervising teacher in Michigan. The children loved it!

Materials. Rather large pieces of construction in various colors. Black Magic marker.

Objective: To introduce the students to each other, and help them become familiar with reading each other’s names.

Lesson: With children sitting in a group, write a child’s first name on one of the pieces of construction paper in large letters. Introduce the child to the class, so that the other children can associate the name with their new classroom friend. After writing the name, draw a line around it in the shape of the letters. Ask questions about the name. i.e. Which are the tall letters? Which are the short letters? Does the name make a shape? What shape do you see? Is there a dot? (referring to the small case i) What is the first letter of the name? etc. Repeat the activity for each child. (We divided this activity up over the week featuring approximately 4-5 children in a sitting until each child had been introduced.)

Second activity: Compare the different names each day. How are they the same? (starts with the same letter, starts or ends with a tall letter, etc.) You will be surprised at how many matching features the children can find!

Assessment: Review the names each day, adding the new names until the children become familiar with them.

When this activity is finished, Hang the names on the wall or windows so that the room proudly displays each child’s name.

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