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This first day of school “quiz” is a fun “getting to know you” and your expectations activity.




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Title – First Day of School Quiz
By – Kathy
Primary Subject – Other – Beginning of School Activity
Grade Level – 4-7

On the first day of school, I tend to stress my poor students out by telling them that I want to assess them on their knowledge of current events, etc.

A few days prior to the start of school, make up a test of 10 difficult questions that deal with events that occurred during summer vacation (or information that they should know, but often do not). For instance, this September, I will ask them about the two main political parties, the presidential election and even some local issues. I try to write questions that they wouldn’t normally know the answer to. After the first several questions, begin asking about yourself. For example, “What is Mrs. X’s favorite food?” “From what great University did Mr. X graduate?” (I write questions that have fun answers and that will help my students get to know me better.)

On the first day of school, have each student take out a blank sheet of paper and teach them exactly how to write an appropriate heading. Be very serious during this time and require absolute silence. Make a big deal about answering in complete sentences etc. This really gets the kids going!

My students normally moan and groan through the first questions, but once I begin asking questions about myself, they relax and realize that I am not as scary as they thought.

Students may then make up their own quizzes. A fun “getting to know you” activity. It also gives you the chance to learn a little about your expectations!

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