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This German “Schultuete” idea gives a cultural upgrade to the first day of school “Me Bag”


Social Studies  


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Title – A German Cultural Upgrade to ME BAGS
By – Denise Webster
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – Best for 1st, but can go up to 5th

Living in Europe, I find it fun to share ideas of the customs here with colleagues back in the states. The German culture traditionally does something like a ME BAG on the first day of first grade for all students. Parents fill a cone shaped bag, which is called a “SCHULTUETE” (pronounced Sch-oo-l-toot-e). It is a very big celebration for students. Parents (and teachers too) fill the bag up with goodies ranging from pencils, crayons and scissors, to chocolate and fruit. What a neat way to carry your school supplies on the first day. Of course teachers trying to tie a piece of the culture in can’t really do this but we do find it fun to send the kids home with a treat bag. I have made them in various ways. I have turned a piece of construction paper into a cone and then attached tissue paper on the top, tying off the end. I have also used birthday party hats and have stapled the tissue onto it. Both are pleasers and the kids love to open them when they get home with mom and dad. What I also include inside is a little slip of paper that describes the tradition to parents who are not familiar with it.

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