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This “All About ME” box idea comes with a secret note inside




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Title – Getting to Know ME
By – Erin Clancy
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – 1-4

This isn’t really a lesson, but more of a getting-to-know your students activity. Rather than use a plain interest inventory during my practicum class, I decided to use something more hands-on. I printed a flat cube template (see link) and then blew it up at a copy shop by 100% on 11×17 paper. I wrote things like, “My favorite book is___,” “My favorite subject is ____,” “I have visited these places ______,” “I am a good reader when ____” and so on, on each face of the cube. On the top of the box, I had them draw a picture of themselves. Before they glued it together, I had them decorate it. To get a better sense of their writing ability, I had the students stick a “secret note” inside the box where they told me something crazy or unusual about themselves. I made a box too, and the kids had fun learning about me as well. I did this with 3rd graders, and it went over very well.

Note from You might be able to make your own cube box template by ungluing a cube-shaped box, highlighting its folds with a marker, and then scanning the flat box shape to your printer, but it is so much easier to find a template on the internet such as:

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