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This “Getting to Know You” guessing game will leave you humming the song by the same name





Title – Getting to Know You
By – Beverly Mickey
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects – Other
Grade Level – 2 – 5


      My middle/high school students enter the room on the first day of school to the song “Getting To Know You” from the musical “The King and I”.
      I recorded it on a CD that plays the song continuously! By the end of the period, they are humming the song!
      I ask each student to write down three things most people do not know about them. I do it also. No names are written.
      I take each piece of paper and put them in a basket.
      Each student takes a paper, reads the three things aloud and tries to guess who that person is. Everyone joins in the guessing.
      If the student chooses their own paper they read the information without letting on that it is theirs. (Everyone is guessing who the paper is talking about so they don’t catch on that it is that person’s.)
    Each person can talk a minute about the things they wrote down. I usually make a big deal about one of the items. This gives each student a time to shine and enjoy the spotlight. It gives the students a glimpse into me as well!

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