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“Getting to Know You with Toilet Paper” is a really cute get-acquainted idea




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Title – Getting to Know You with Toilet Paper
By – Jenn Lardani
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects – Other
Grade Level – 1 – 5

Not sure if this was mentioned before, but this is a simple lesson plan that I used on the first day of school in my class. I’m a resource room teacher, so I see grades 1 thru 5, but it will work for all grades.

Hand the first student in the row a new roll of toilet paper. Explain to everyone that all you want them to do is take some. Also explain that they can take as much as they want. When they ask why, just tell them that they will find out in a minute. You will find that some kids get very excited and take almost the whole roll, while others take only one or two squares. When everyone has finished, explain to the students that for every square of toilet paper on their desk, they have to tell one thing about themselves to the class. You will have huge groans from the “smart allecky” kids who took half the roll, but it’s funny and well worth the information you receive.

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