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This idea uses a video to introduce the rules and the teacher on the first day of school




K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Multi-Class Teachers: Opening Day Made EASY
By – Elaine Little
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects – Music, Art, Health / Physical Education, Computers / Internet
Grade Level – K-5

Though I am now a middle school music teacher, I taught in elementary schools for seven years. Teachers of music, PE, technology, and media generally teach every class in the school once or twice a week. Going over class rules and procedures some fifty odd times in a week can be AWFUL on the voice, even though most schools encourage all teachers to spend adequate time on these matters in the very beginning. Because every teacher in school is stressing rules and procedures at that time, students begin “tuning out” by the second day with so much overkill.

The last two years I worked in elementary school I found a way to give my voice a break AND make things a lot more interesting foe students. I had my husband videotape me, giving the standard rules and procedures lecture, sitting out on the deck at my home. After each rule or consequence, my daughter brought our many pets, one by one, told each one’s name and had them ‘wave’ at the camera as my husband got a close-up of them. After finishing, I asked simple comprehension questions (interjecting a few about pets’ names!) I showed this video in every class.

I was amazed at the questions I was asked afterwards. “Could you make another video and show us the inside of your house? Can your dogs do tricks on the next one? Get your husband in the next one; we want to see what he looks like. If you have a piano at your house, you could play some music while he talked. Why did that cat in your lap never DO anything?”

Unfortunately for me, I did not discover this trick until my last two years at elementary school. I only have six classes now, however, I STILL do this, as the kids enjoy it so much more that the alternative. And no more laryngitis after the first week of school!

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