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This is another version of the M&Ms; getting-acquainted activity




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Title – M&M; getting to know you activity
By – Anne Braun
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – 1-5

This activity is not only a motivator for students to talk about themselves – but it also allows them to learn about other students in the classroom. Each student will receive 10 M&M;’s. Before you pass them out, set some class rules. Students are not to eat or touch the M&M;’s until after the entire class has had an opportunity to share. Explain to students that each color of M&M; stands for something they must share with the class. For example: red=summer activities, blue=pets, brown=favorite subjects in school, green=hobbies, orange=family life. Start with the red M&M;’s. If a student has more than one red M&M;, they must share that many summer activities. Once each student has finished the reds – they may eat and enjoy. Move to the next color of M&M.;

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