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This mystery box activity gets kids excited about learning new things




PreK, K, 1, 4  

Title – Beginning of the Year Mystery Box Activity
By – Shelley Balik
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – PreK-4 

This beginning of the year activity is a fun way to get students to think about the “Big Picture” of education and learning.

I begin by asking students about some of the “Mysteries” of life that have yet to be solved. For example… cures for some diseases, etc.

I tell them how life is a mystery and we don’t know what each day holds. There are things that are mysteries to us that we can learn about and will learn about this year. We discuss ways of finding out and discovering.

Then I have 8-10 boxes filled with “mystery items” that the students will try to find out what they are. We smell and feel and try to figure out what is in the box. Some of the items I used in the boxes were: cottage cheese, panty hose, honey, stones, and so on. You can put anything into the boxes that you have and have as many boxes as you want. The students really enjoy the guessing part and it helps get them excited about learning new things.

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