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People-Search Bingo is a well-developed getting-acquainted idea




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Title – Getting Acquainted: People Search Bingo
By – Tracie Meloy
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – 3-5

This is a great game that I’ve used the first week of school for years. It can be saved and is appropriate to pull out at anytime and is wonderful way for you and the students to all get to know each other during the first couple of week of the school year. Plus it relieves the pressure of having to talk about yourself; other people do the telling about you. There are two phases to this activity which can last as long as you need it to.

The Mixer Phase: (suggested time 15 minutes)

      Materials — Teacher made Bingo game card, pencils
      Create a Bingo game card yourself complete with free space. In the boxes write a “people search” question like:

      Is new to this school, is a middle child, got to school today by ____, can tell you a knock-knock joke (keep it clean) — be prepared to tell the joke, made their bed this morning, favorite food is _____, is most nervous today because _______, is most excited today because, favorite subject in school is _____, can tell three qualities of a good friend…
    You can think of whatever is appropriate and fitting to your self-contained class or single subject if you are middle or secondary teacher. Students each receive a copy of the Bingo board and are instructed to go around the room and get people to sign their boxes as information is relevant to them. EACH STUDENT MAY ONLY SIGN ANOTHER STUDENTS GAME CARD ONE TIME. This requires that they talk to many different people. Hey teacher, you can sign blanks too!! Allow 15 minutes for the mixer. Tell students that they are going to be playing a Bingo game with this and they will only be able to mark a space for a Bingo is if has information about another student in it so it is important to talk to as many people as possible.

The Game Phase: (Suggested time 20-30 minutes)

      Materials — Numbered class list of student names, Bingo markers, Game cards, Popsicle sticks numbered for students in the class, Bingo prizes
      Give students a supply of Bingo markers and instruct them to cover the free space. Pull a number stick and read the name of the student associated from your numbered class list. If a student has that name on their people search, put a marker on it. So goes the game until someone gets a BINGO. The Bingo is read back by telling the fact(s) that were learned about each of the students.
    ** Idea note: I had a long-term sub for almost four months one year. I had saved the students game boards and had the sub use them for an activity her first day. It was fun for the kids, lowered the anxiety of the situation, plus it was a great way for the class and the sub to get acquainted.

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