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This Personality Crown idea helps children get to know you and each other




K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Personality Crowns
By – Sandra Posadas
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – K-3

Personality Crowns are a fun first day activity that helps children get to know you and each other. Give each student a sentence strip and have the students write their names in big letters. Then, have them rummage through magazines and look for pictures to cut out that represent them: what they like to eat, their hobbies, maybe words that describe them (for the 2-3 graders) their favorite toys, places they like to go (the beach, the library, shopping, etc.). Make sure you have yours pre-made, because you will model the activity: How to make it, what to cut out. As the students finish their work, they can make the crown by stapling the two ends. If you have your students sitting in groups, use a timer to give each student in the group an opportunity to present their crowns to their group: My name is___________. My crown shows______________, ________________, and _____________. I chose these things because….

Remember, you go first and model the activity. I usually like to do this before lunch, because they enjoy wearing their crowns to the cafeteria. They are great conversation starters. This is also a great way to assess ELP students on the first day.

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