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This “Personality Sack” idea presents the student to his classmates




4, 5  

Title – Personality Sacks

By – Debbie Davlin

Primary Subject – Other

Grade Level – 4-5

For our first class meeting, you will have a homework assignment. We will do a get-acquainted activity for our first day.

You will be doing an activity called PERSONALITY SACK. Your sack can be any size or any color. Pictures, models, words cut from magazines or newspapers or the actual objects may be used to illustrate the following points:

    1. Something that makes you laugh.

    2. Something that makes you cry.

    3. Something you feel has value, or is important to you.

    4. Something you think is worthless.

    5. Your favorite singer or musical group.

    6. Your favorite color.

    7. Your hobby or hobbies.

    8. Your favorite thing to do when you have spare time.

    9. Your favorite sport.

    10. Your favorite book.

Place all of the above items into your sack, and do not share what kinds of items you selected with anyone else in class! I want to see how creative you can be in the selections of your items.

Each student, in turn, shares the items in their sack, and gives explanations, as necessary. We take a moment, after each person has shared, and write down one fun fact or something special that we learned about the person sharing. I usually do a sack, and model how they will share their items by going first.


Debbie Davlin


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