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This clever first day of school idea makes it easy to send student birthday cards




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Title – First Day Birthday Cards
By – Danna Drew
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects – 
Grade Level – 2-5

This is a good idea for any subject area. My students love this. I teach math (at present). At the beginning of the year, I purchase pre-stamped post cards.

Upon the first day a student arrives to class, he/she is given one of these cards. He/she addresses it to himself/herself. In the upper left corner, they print the school’s address as the return address. On the reverse side in a corner, they print their birth date.

I then file these in an index card box. At the beginning of each week, I pull cards to be mailed. I print a special simple message. I cover the date with a birthday sticker. I then place the card in the mail. Students like the idea you remembered them on their special day and most, no matter the age, enjoy receiving mail that is just for them.

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