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This is an idea for all subjects and grades called “Bellwork”




PreK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7  

Title – Bellwork

By – Megan Lent

Subject – Other (all)

Grade Level – All grades

E-Mail –

Before starting lessons…or if you are a middle-school teacher or high school with different periods right when the bell rings, you have on the board, or over-head a problem to begin the day lesson, etc.

It’s really convenient too! You can take roll or get ready to teach a new lesson. It also helps the kids get use to different types of work.

For examples, math- a new math problem or reviewing and old one, S.S.- asking different history questions and geography, time zones etc. art- have students draw something or answer art Q’s

P.E.- have students answer physical types of questions like how to breath when running, sports Q’s etc. Science- have students draw scientific models of cells, animals, bones, also scientific vocabulary or short quizzes music- have students to short quizzes, practice instruments, fingering, notes, writing music etc.

Language Arts- Have students write vocabulary, definitions, poems, short stories, journal type work, answer different types of questions like what they would do in different types of situations what they did that day or what they plan to do over the weekend…if they could be anyone or anything…if they could live anywhere where they would live etc. other- for choir, practice reaching different notes for reading class- have them read for 5 minutes for computers- practice typing or doing computer animation and different graphics or short quizzes on different computer parts what happens inside the computer, how to do something or fix something etc. for
shop (wood shop too) have them put together different car parts or do different wood works…Q’s on how to put together things and what you would need to do a certain project.




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