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This lesson will help your students appreciate diversity


Social Studies  


4, 5  

Title – Appreciating Diversity
By – Denise Reese
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 4th-5th grade

UNIT/LESSON PLAN SUMMARY: Students will develop recognition of differences and similarities in objects and how that transfers to people and relates to our relationships with each other.

SUBJECT: Elementary guidance

STUDENT OBJECTIVE/LEARNING OUTCOMES: Show skills in recognizing differences in others and using tolerance to relate to others


      1) Give all students the same object such as a peanut (in shell), an apple, a banana, etc. that has similarities and differences.

      2) Have students (get to know) their object by observing it carefully.

      3) Have students put their object on a table.

      4) Mix them up and then have students one by one come and pick out their object.

      5) Discuss how the students recognized their object.

      6) Discuss how people have similarities and differences.

      7) Give some scenarios of when students encounter each other (in the hall, lunchroom, after school, etc.) and possible situation where students could have a problem or potential embarrassing circumstance.

    8) Have students role-play positive ways of responding to others who may be different.

TIME NEEDED: 45 minutes -1 hour



  • objects such as peanuts, apples, etc.
  • scenarios typed out to role-play (or this could be done verbally)

ASSESSMENTS: Discussion and appropriate role-play

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