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This First Day of School lesson focuses on Boosting Self-Esteem




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Title – Boosting Self Esteem on the first day of school
By – Patricia H. Taylor
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 2-4
Materials needed: construction paper squares (or any shape) – enough squares to be used for an entire class.
Pencils or markers

Give a square to each the student

Without the students talking, have them find the person who has the same colored square as they do.

Students with same colored squares sit close to each other and write something nice about each other on the square.

Students can then share what they wrote with the person (by verbally telling them).

Students will then go back to their original seats. They are NOT to share what they wrote with anyone else in the class.

Then the class will discuss how this activity helped them to feel – Ex. – happy?, validated?, embarrassed?, surprised?

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