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This is an activity to build self-esteem in teens




6, 7, 8  

Title – Building Self Esteem in Teens
By – Mrs. Kathleen A. Wild
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – 6 – 8

Materials Needed:

  • Journal, notebook, or computer
  • Pen or a pencil.


      Write the following statements into your journal:
      1. First, write down ten things that you like to do (things like hobbies).
      2. Write down three people who mean a lot to you, who you may be able to help. Examples of helping would be: cutting grass, washing clothes, washing a car or truck, taking out trash, cleaning a house for a special person who needs help, etc.
      3. Now it is time to think hard of maybe someone that you hurt or someone that dislikes you. Write their name or names down for question #3.
      4. Think of something that you might be able to do so that the person you hurt or the person who dislikes you will see that you are truly a good person. Some examples may be to write an apology card to them or even send them a friendship card. Pick flowers, or take them a CD or ice cream. Just something little to let them see that you care. By doing this, you are being the better person.
      5. Now looking at your answers to question #1, think about someone that you could share your hobbies with. Get together with these people. You could even start a weekly meeting group. Example: if you play the guitar, get together with others who love to play guitar. You will be surprised by how getting together with others will spark your talents (i.e. writing songs together and forming a new group on the web).
      6. Write down two paragraphs which best describe you as a person. This should include things you like to do as well as things that you can help others with.
    7. Reward yourself for being honest and for participating in this project, because you are a very good person. You will shine and others will see you shine. When we give to others, we get so much back in return and this makes us feel useful and good about not only ourselves, but good about helping others in need.

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