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This idea called “What Is This?” is for developing class Bulletin Boards


Social Studies  


PreK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7  

Title – What is this? (bulletin board)
By – Gabrielle Falk
Subject – Bulletin Boards (Social Studies)
Grade Level – any (mainly elementary)
This is an idea I came up with for a bulletin board. It can be done for one class in general or the entire school. OK here is what you need.
1) a bulletin board
2) a creative mind
3) construction paper
4) magazine cutouts or photographs
5) tape or a stapler

Step 1) take the bulletin board and cover it in construction paper. Make sure the construction paper is securely on the bulletin board with staples
Step 2) Take some more construction paper and cut out the words “What is this?” and staple them to the bulletin board
Step 3) Take a photograph or magazine cutout of anything (plant, animal, building, a person, historical monument) and staple or tape that to the bulletin board as well.
Step 4) Write some facts of the object and place it next to the picture. Make sure you tell the student what the object is somewhere in your description.
This bulletin board can be changed weekly or monthly depending on what the teachers and students want to do. The students will become excited and they’ll want to know what the next object is going to be.

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