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Here is a nice idea for celebrating love for Valentine’s Day






Title – Love
By – Lori Fisher
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects – Other
Grade Level – PreK

Instead of talking all about Valentine’s Day, we talk about love. It is sometimes hard with all of the different observances. So, love is a really big two weeks. We start out with several ideas. We spend the weeks with talk of love and this includes their parents and their siblings. Yet, the most fun that we have is when we invite the parents over to the center that afternoon after the children’s naptime. We will then have a nice party for the parents. The party will include songs that the children have learned and then we will have a “snack”. We will decorate the room in colors of red and pink. It will be decorated with the artwork that the children have created in the last few weeks. They will be very proud, having their artwork up for Mom and Dad to see…WOW. In years before I have had parents all but cry when they see their children sing and such. This is just an idea that you may like to try. Good Luck!

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