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Here’s a detailed Christmas mural idea the entire class will enjoy making




PreK, K  

Title – Christmas decor & fun
By – Tonya
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – pre-k

Idea: Make a dramatic Christmas mural everyone can enjoy and participate in.

Materials: Green wrapping paper; white & colored paper; red, yellow & orange cellophane paper, white chalk, cotton balls, glitter, Christmas lights, wax paper, iron and chopped crayons (and other own original additions)

The Tree: Make your tree from green wrapping paper. Cut 2 pieces to desired height of tree; tape one side of pieces together with the greens facing each other then cut out shape of tree (Be realistic to the great evergreens – that makes it more fun) Then open & tape to desired spot (this works great for corner areas)!(Sometimes you may need extra paper for longer limbs so be careful & don’t throw away those scraps!) Drape your lights like you would on a real tree and don’t forget to make some ornaments for the tree!

The Fireplace: Make the base pattern of your fireplace out of red paper (a large rectangle usually takes about 3 to 4 long construction paper sheets wide and 2 to 3 tall), then create a top mantel with a thin strip of black or brown paper. Make a smaller rectangle in the center at the bottom (1 to 2 tall & wide) for your fire’s setting. Then cut the red, yellow and orange cellophane into strips of “flames” for your fire. You can glue or staple together at bottom because you can’t forget to create the firewood that makes the fire! Also, if you leave the top part of the cellophane freely flow it makes for a more realistic fire! Now to make it look like your fireplace is made out of bricks – you draw evenly wide horizontal strips with chalk directly onto your red paper and then unevenly spaced vertical lines between each horizontal line to look like bricks. (If you lightly scratch the chalk across in each brick & smear it in you’ll get a cool effect!) You can spray with hairspray to help your chalk from smearing when it is all finished.

Snow: Take your cotton balls and spread them apart and add glue and glitter (Silver works great for a shimmer effect but all colors can be fun too). Drape your “snow” onto your mantel and tree for a more wintry look.

Candles: Have an iron ready with a low heat. Chop or shred some crayons if you haven’t already and put about 2 to 3 pinches (all fingers for this pinch – watch out for crayon shavings they like to stick to you!) and place them on a piece of wax paper with the wax side up then place another piece of wax paper on top, this time wax side down. Iron the crayon pieces until melted together. (I iron on a towel that I place on top of it, because even the lowest iron settings are too hot.) Then draw a candle pattern to cut; cut out and glue to a candle base of choice.

Additions: Santa and reindeer (hand print reindeer are fun!) Presents made from cardboard and wrapped in colorful Christmas themed paper and ribbons for under the tree. Stockings to hang on the mantel.

We added our bean bags and soft couch & chair to help with our setting as well as a window with cloth curtains and a snowman and Santa in the sky for outside scenery! We have had this scenery in our Dramatic play and Library areas and the kids have really enjoyed getting involved in the creating process. Each year our new groups have added a different new idea to it!

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