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“Oy! Hanukkah!” is a great collection of Chanukah resources and ideas




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Title – Oy! Hanukkah!
By – Piet Van Allen
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 3-5

In prior classes, teach “Oh, Hanukkah! Oh, Hanukkah!” and the Dreidel Song to be sung. I found a menorah at a thrift store [they are common there]. I may have started the lesson by lighting the menorah, even taking turns using the “little helper”.

For a climatic lesson, divide the class into 2 groups, after teaching them the basics of playing dreidel. [You can find this on the ‘net.] I found a very large dreidel at a dime store, and also at the local Temple store. I brought the rules and the dreidels, and gave them to the first group to play while the other half of the class surrounded them in a ring. We joined hands and “grapevined” around them, singing to a Klezmer tape of “Oy Chanukah , Oy Chanukah!” in Yiddish. We sang in English, and I had to teach the step to begin. Should you really know how to dance the Hora, you may do so, certainly!

Halfway through the class, we switched roles. You can use beads or buttons, or tiny candies – I forget what I had. I passed out Hanukkah Geld [goil foil chocolate coins] at the end of class, I think. Maybe you can use pennies, and have the “winners” buy extra candy from you with their winnings.

Free offer for dreidels:

Explanation of the letters, and the religious connection:

BUT I understood that the [Hashemite?Greek?] king decreed that the Jews may no longer study the Torah. The men sat around studying, as usual, but had a dreidel handy to pick up whenever a soldier came by to inspect. They appeared to be gambling, and not studying, and managed to maintain the ruse and still study their holy books. Ah, here:

The Dance:

I just start with my feet together, move left foot apart, move my right foot behind the left, apart, move R in front of L, apart, R behind L, apart, hop on L.
Step R apart, then move L behind R, apart, L in front of R, apart, L behind R, apart, hop on R, start over.

More Sources:

The Menorah:

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