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Teachers create personal Photo Story 3 narratives here to use as an icebreaker or model


Computers & Internet  



Title – Improving Employee Morale
By – Luis Vazquez
Primary Subject – Computers & Internet 
Grade Level – N/A

Note from

      Although this lesson plan does not fit any school subject or grade, we feel that his well written lesson can be of great benefit to teachers, who are employees at well.
    After creating a personal photo story (described below), teachers can:

    • Get acquainted and improve staff morale by presenting them at staff meetings.
    • Use Photo Story skills in their personal life to create anniversary, birthday, church, or vacation presentations
    • Show their photo story to students as an ice-breaker on the first day of school.
    • Model expectations for student Photo Story assignments such as:
      • Art: Create a report on an artist, style or period
      • Language Arts: Present a personal narrative, illustrate a poem or short story, report on a hero or favorite author
      • Math: Illustrate story problems or create extra credit reports
      • Science: Illustrate a life cycle, report on an element, create a science fair presentation
      • Social Studies: Report on an event, historical figure or create a family tree
      • Other: Create college or career presentations, illustrate lessons to leave for a substitute teacher
    • You can find lesson plans for many of the above ideas by searching for Photo Story or Movie Maker lessons on this site or by looking in our Computer & Internet subject section in your grade level.

Concept / Topic to Teach:

  • Department employees will be asked to compile different pictures of themselves in either department settings or informal settings which best represent them or their personality.
  • Employees will then use Microsoft Windows Photo Story 3 to create a narrated slideshow to share with the rest of the department staff in an effort to improve employee morale.

Standards Addressed:

  • Employees will learn about each other, both professionally and informally.
  • Employees will share work related events as well as personal events. The tone for this lesson will be of a “stress-free” nature, so comical anecdotes will be welcomed.
  • Upon completion, employees will have a broader sense of community and may relate to each other in a more positive manner after having shared their experiences with their colleagues.

General Goal(s):

    Employees are to create a brief digital photo story which will contain audio narration, a soundtrack and images. This digital story will outline events that have occurred in professional or personal settings.

Specific Objectives:

  • Employees will locate digital photographs of professional/personal settings for use in this project.
  • Employees will then sort and organize these images into a coherent timeline.
  • Once organized, a narration will be used accordingly and as deemed necessary for any particular presentation.

Required Materials:

  • Computer with Microsoft Windows XP or Vista Operating System
  • Microsoft Photo Story 3 software
  • Digital images (either scanned or copied from removable media)
  • Internet access

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): “How can we improve employee morale within the department? Simple, by getting to know each other via a presentation demonstrating both formal and informal moments of each co-worker.” Step-By-Step Procedures:

  1. Employees will sort through their own digital photo albums to locate a suitable number of images to include in their own Photo Story project.
  2. Once the images have been selected, the employee must begin the process of organizing the images in a manner which would best fit their prospective presentation.
  3. Employees will be given a presentation length of 3 to 5 minutes. While this is a more informal presentation, actual projects for grade would penalize submissions either over or under the duration provided.
  4. Employees will then put together a storyboard to determine the best possible organization of imagery.
  5. Once the storyboard is completed, the employee will use the Photo Story 3 software to put together a narration along with a soundtrack to the existing imagery.
  6. Employees will then finalize their project, save it to .WMV format and export the finished project to removable media for a departmental presentation session.

Plan For Independent Practice:

    Employees will be able to use the skills learned in this project to design their own Photo Story projects on a more personal level.

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):

    Employees will be asked to provide background on the imagery they selected for this project. If applicable, would they have considered using images with different tones to show a more personal side.

Assessment Based On Objectives:

    Since this lesson is for department morale, employees will be assessed on the following criteria. Please note that lessons that will be graded will contain different assessment options.

    • Complete a rough draft of a storyboard.
    • Demonstrate competency in adding images to this project.
    • Demonstrate competency in adding narration and soundtracks.
    • Be able to create, save and complete a Photo Story project.

Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities):

    Employees with learning disabilities will be offered the following options.

    • In lieu of an actual Photo Story project, employees will be allowed to present a traditional montage of imagery with their own live narration.
    • In a learning environment, students with disabilities would be afforded every possible alternative so that they may successfully complete this activity.

Extensions (For Gifted Students):

    Since this lesson is of a non-graded nature, employees will not be given options for GT students. However, if this lesson would be implemented in a learning environment, GT students would be asked to provide a more detailed and lengthy presentation approx. 5 to 10 minutes in length. They would also be asked to provide a more detailed and concise presentation when compared to a more basic presentation submitted by traditional students.

Possible Connections To Other Subjects:

    This lesson can be tied into numerous subjects, primarily technology-based instruction. This lesson can also be used in corporate settings as a means of providing basic presentations without having to learn complicated software or having the expense of purchasing software to serve a similar purpose.

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