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This day care activity is called “A Camping We Will Go”




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Title – A Camping We Will Go!
By – Iris Sutton-Nixon
Subject – Social StudiesĀ 
Grade Level – 2-5
Start out by setting the scene of a campground using old materials from a picnic such as a plastic tablecloth and the rolls from old Christmas paper. Make a tent from these materials. Then gather some rocks and put them in a circle. Use red, orange, and yellow construction paper to make flames, and use old tissue or paper towel rolls to make logs. Paint them brown and stack them in the middle of the rocks. You can make a lake with a green tarp and go fishing. Make fishing rods out of chopsticks and add Velcro at the tip and place the other Velcro side on the fish. Sit around the camp fire and make real s’mores with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows or fake ones with white Styrofoam for marshmallow, tan color paper for graham crackers, and darker brown for chocolate. Now tell all the campfire stories you want. For extra fun do camp crafts such as necklace making.

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