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Here toddlers make an Easter basket from a juice bottle




PreK, K, 1  

Title – Easter Egg Basket out of Juice Bottles
By – Nina Hathcock
Primary Subject – Art 
Secondary Subject –  

Grade Level – Toddler and up

This is a lesson plan to make an Easter Egg Basket out of Juicy Juice bottles.

Materials needed:

      Juicy Juice Bottle


      White construction paper


      Colored construction paper




    Jump Rope

Take the Juicy Juice bottle, cut the top off, and discard. The bottom of the bottle will be your basket.

Punch a hole on two sides for a handle about the size of an eraser head. Cut white construction paper to the size of the bottle. With the different colored construction paper, cut out rabbits. I used a rabbit hole punch for this which you can buy at any arts and crafts store. The children enjoyed punching out rabbits. You can also use stickers or let them decorate with markers. Lay white construction paper on a flat surface and have children glue the rabbits on the paper. This is a fine motor skill since the rabbits are small. With the jump rope, cut into three sections and insert through holes on the bottle, tying ends in a knot. For smaller toddlers, I ran the rope through the plastic ends of the jump rope to make a better and stronger handle. With this at the center of the rope, I found that they can grasp it better. Then take the white construction paper and glue onto the bottle. An option for this basket is to fill it with Easter grass and plastic eggs for a centerpiece, or use it to hunt eggs.

My daycare really enjoyed doing this project.

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