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Autograph Book




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Title – Autograph Book
By – Marty Crutcher
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 1-4 grades

At the end of the school year, I make an AUTOGRAPH BOOK for my students. I design it using Broderbund: THE PRINT SHOP Premier Edition. (any edition is okay.)
I use the stationary program and then use the notepad program (half sheet). I design a cover sheet “My Third Grade Autograph Book” with a cute graphic and a place for their name and date. Then using the same notepad form, I design several pages for the center of the book. Examples are: Friends in my class, BOYS ONLY page, GIRLS ONLY page, My Lunch Table Buddies, TEACHER PAGE, and a page at the end of the book for names and summer phone numbers. During the last few days for school we have about a 45 minute “signing time.” I also check with other teachers and allow the students to go to other classes or use recess time to get other autographs. This is a wonderful way for teachers to write one final positive comment to each child. It also gives the child an great souvenir from this year.

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