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Kids love this end-of-year autographed pillowcase/t-shirt idea




K, 1, 2, 3  


Title – That’s What Friends Are For!
By – Barbara Smith
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – K-3

Autographed Pillow cases or T-shirts

After spending an entire school year together, classmates become good friends. During the last week of school, my students put a white pillow case on top of their desks and their classmates use different colored permanent fabric markers to autograph the pillow cases. I alternate each year between t-shirts and pillow cases. Students can bring their own pillow case/t-shirt or send in a $2 donation for me to purchase it for them. I use laminated poster board to put inside the fabric to make sure the markers don’t bleed through the other side. Heat set (iron) before sending home. The kids love the activity and cherish their memories.

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