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This is an end-of-year class Memory Book and poster contest idea





Title – Memory Book
By – Melissa Smith
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – Any


    This activity will keep students busy during those last few days of school. I teach 6th grade science and English, but this activity could be used in any grade or subject area.


    Students will create a class memory book to be left for next years’ students.


    1. Take several large pieces of white construction paper and write the following headings in marker on each one:
        • The funniest thing that happened this year was…
        • My words of wisdom to you are…
        • Three things I learned in Math/Science/Social Studies/English (make one page for each)
        • My greatest accomplishment this year was…
        • I was surprised to learn that….
        • When I first came to this school I thought…
        • You can select these topics or make up some of your own.
    2.  Set the papers out around the room at various locations and have students rotate around the room filling in their thoughts on each page.
    3. Add pictures of the students that you have taken throughout the year.
    4. Have students autograph the back cover of the book and have another student draw a picture for the front cover. We have a poster contest (“The best thing about Elmwood Middle School is…”) before this and I usually use the winning poster for my cover – easy!
    5.  I cut a large piece of poster board in half, compile all the pages once the students are finished, laminate the front and back covers and hook it all together with rings. The students love reading their book and are very proud and anxious to leave it to next years’ students.
    6. Pass your Memory Book around to new students in the fall when you are passing out textbooks, locks, etc.
    7. You can also take a picture of the entire class to put in the book. It adds a nice touch.

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