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This part is for developing a “Family Command Post”




PreK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7  

Title – Family Involvement-Family Command Post
By – Audrey Pruitt
Subject – Other
Grade Level – all
This will be an area designated in our classroom for family members. It will have supplies for projects (such as science discovery days), as well as a family resource center. The resource shelves will include books, magazines, and articles that I have found about parenting and family involvement. It will also be a place for families to communicate with me if needed. This will be the command center for projects that are lead by parents. It will also be a place for classroom volunteers who wish to help in our classroom by cutting things out or getting things ready for various projects. If possible it will also have a computer with a chat board for our parents to be connected to each other.
Costs: table, resources-collected over time (hopefully donated!), supplies, computer (optional), adult size chairs!
I hope that by providing a specific area for families they will feel more comfortable about coming into our classroom. Because if they are comfortable, they are more likely to be there!
I hope that by having this area, I will have a response from parents and be able to work more closely with them.

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