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This idea is to help students learn their way around the School on their First Day




K, 1  

Title – Find the Gingerbread man
By – Julie Da Rosa
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – k-1
Objective: To get students familiar with their surrounding area at school (perfect for the First Day of School).

Procedure: The lesson will start in the classroom were the teacher will explain how a Gingerbread Man has been hiding in their school. The teacher will show a picture of a Gingerbread Man. The children will then walk to the different areas on campus and meet the different people that work at the school. Starting at the library they can meet the librarian and have the Gingerbread Man story read to them. The students will go on to the cafeteria, nurse’s office, playground, front office, and any other important areas on campus. They will end in the principal’s office. In the principle’s office the principal will have a tray full of gingerbread cookies to share with the students. The principal will go over the school rules and what is expected from

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