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This “Getting To Know You” activity idea is good for the First Day of School




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By – Nicole Fontaine

This is a simple lesson to get your students talking and learning about each other during the first days of school. Make up a sheet that starts off with “Find someone in our class who…” and list several different statements such as “has more than 4 siblings”, “has been to a different country”, or “has a funny talent”, etc. Next to each statement, leave a blank line or box. (List one statement per each student in the class, maybe a couple extras if you want to join in.)

Each student receives one of these sheets and a pencil, and walks around the room to find a classmate that fits one of the statements. When they do, they ask that person to sign their paper for them. The trick is, they can only have each classmate (or you) sign ONCE. Sometimes, students will realize that they should first find people who fit into harder descriptions such as “has been to another country” rather than “has a family pet”. This really strikes up the conversations! Any way they attempt it, they will learn a lot about you and their new classmates.

As a follow up, you can read through the sheet after and ask how many students fit each description, and even ask them to describe it further (if it involves a funny talent, or weird family pets, etc.). Kids love this and it gives them a chance to get to know the teacher, which can help them relate to you right off the bat!

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