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This great beginning-of-school idea lets students introduce themselves with a “Box of Me”




6, 7, 8  

Title – Box of Me
By – K Tharaldson
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – 6 – 8

On the first day of school in the fall, I come with a shoe box filled with items that are important in my life so that I can introduce myself to the classes I teach. After I tell them about myself, my first assignment is to have each student put together their own “Box of Me” to introduce themselves to the rest of the class. They have to have a minimum of five/maximum of eight items and the items have to fit in the box.

If they are skateboarders, they can use a miniature skateboard or a picture from a magazine or use two talents and draw a picture of the item. I have had students roll up a jersey for sports, bring in a dance slipper, and a flattened cover of a pizza box to share. You would be surprised what they can get in the box. I always caution them NOT to bring in anything valuable.

I take a picture of each student while he/she is talking and we use the picture later in the year in a Pride type bulletin board or for other projects.

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