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Here are some ideas for Teachers and Students to Get To Know Each Other




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Title – Getting to Know You
By – Kelly Gregor
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 1-5
Hello. As a recent graduate, I was constantly looking for ways to get my students to know me as well as each other. Although my student teaching experience was a disaster, the six months of volunteering that I did last school year was wonderful. I came into a first grade class in the middle of September after school had been in session for over a month so the children knew their teacher but knew nothing about me. I have a physical disability that requires I stay in a wheelchair, which is always a curiosity to young children. In order for them to get to know me, I do a very short lesson. First, I have them sit on the floor and I tell them a general description of my disability and a little bit about my wheelchair. Then I allow the students to ask me any questions they want. This gets the issue of my disability out of the way and it is generally never brought up again. After the questions, I give the students large pieces of poster board and markers in a variety of colors. I tell them to write their names in large letters at the top in any color. Then, I’d tell them to write down things about themselves, such as likes/dislikes, # of siblings, favorite colors, etc.. When they are completed, I would hang them around the room allowing everyone who comes in to view them. It also gives the students a chance to see if their classmates have similar things in common. This activity is also good if you have the students bring in a picture of themselves that they can put on poster.

Poster Board/Construction Paper

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