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Here’s an outline of grading yips for teachers of all grade levels






Title – Grading with Focus
By – Lesley F. Deutsch
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects – Other
Grade Level – For Teachers

  1. Grading with a focus On Improving Student Learning.
    1. Assessment, including grading, should focus on improving student learning.
    2. Development by clarifying Instructional objectives.
    3. At the beginning of the school year make it clear how you will grade, what grades will be based on (ie: tests, homework, projects) your expectations.
  2. Class Participation in Reporting tools.
    1. newsletter
    2. portfolio
    3. Devise a format for communicating to parents that will help them keep aware of class efforts and activities.
  3. Principles of Grading
    1. Tests
    2. Quizzes
    3. homework
    4. class participation
    5. projects
    6. reports/papers
    7. use a wide variety that every student finds several areas in which to operate at his/her preferred learning mode and to achieve success. So someone that is visual could do a project and someone that is more logical could write a report.
  4. Avoid Grading errors
    1. Use present Scores
    2. adequately inform students
    3. missing work
    4. using grades for reward or punishment
    5. assigning grades contingent on improvement.
  5. Communicating your Intentions

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