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This multidisciplinary Rainbow Fish activity idea is perfect for the first day of school


Art, Language Arts, Math  


1, 2, 3  

Title – Rainbow Fish
By – Renee England
Primary Subject РLanguage Arts, Art, Math 
Secondary Subject Р 
Grade Level – 1-3


      I always read

Rainbow Fish

      the first day of school to discuss sharing and getting along with others. Students do an art activity making their own Rainbow Fish using colored sequins for the fins. I have parts of the story written on small fish and students sequence the events in teams/whole group.
    I also give each student an individual bag of the colored Goldfish crackers. They estimate how many crackers they think they have, count by 1’s 2’s 5’s, sort by color, and graph their crackers and lastly, enjoy their snack! Depending on the level of your students, they could also make up their own word problems such as “Three fish swimming together and two more joined in. How many fish were swimming?”

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