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Here are some good ideas to get Students involved in getting Parents to Parent’s Night


Art, Language Arts, Math  


1, 2, 3, 4  

Title – How to get parents to Parent’s Night!
By – Julienne C. Fallen
Subject – Math, Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 1/2/3/4
Have you tried all you know to get parents to parent’s night?

If your answer is yes try these ideas:


Have your students write a letter to their parent(s). This letter can be about a class project, pet, activity, or just a personal message to the parent. Usually it is best to guide your students on what to write about. Mostly I will have my students write a letter telling their parents one thing that they are really good at and one thing that they need to work a little harder at.

I read the letters before the parents come and have an example activity that they could work on at home for the child to have more success.

When the child goes home and tells their parent that there is something special waiting for them at school they are more likely to come.

Of course if they can’t I mail the letter and the activity home, addressed to the parent.


Children love winning!! So I fill a jar with candy and show it to the students. I get them all excited and tell them that their parent/guardian can win it for them. At parent’s night I have an estimation jar filled with candy. When the parent arrives he/she (or both) can estimate how much candy is in the jar. They write it down and the closest one wins. Of course the parent does not win, the child gets the candy and the jar the next day.


Another activity is to make invitations to parent’s night. This can be done with construction paper, notebook paper, or on the computer. Each child has to write a message that includes the date, time, and place. It also has to have one thing that the child wants the parent to pay special attention to.

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