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“How to Get a First Job” is the topic of this mind-map poster creating lesson




9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – First Job and How to Get It
By – Charlie Talley
Primary Subject – Other Career Exploration
Grade Level – 9-12



Write/draw a “blue print” / “game plan / “road map” mind map for securing your first paid job.


Final project will consist of a poster board “game plan” mind map for securing that first “real job” which includes:

  • hourly wage
  • time clock
  • pay check with deductions for taxes, social security, etc.

Materials needed:

  • poster board
  • markers
  • pens
  • pencils


  1. Focus and Review:
    Summarize rationale for having a job (i.e. income available to pay for living expenses, contributing to society, helping others, supporting a family, etc.).
  2. Statement of Objectives:
    Inform students that it is essential to have a “game plan” when securing one’s first “real” job.
  3. Teacher Input:
    • Students will “map out” their game plan.
    • Criteria to consider may include:
      • current/transferable skills (learned at: home, school, athletics, volunteer activities, internships, etc.)
      • proximity to home
      • transportation to and from work
      • hours of availability
      • networking (with friends, family, contacts in community via church, clubs, etc.)
      • application process (online or paper)
      • resume development
      • references, etc.
  4. Guided Practice:
    • Show example of mind map on board using task analysis (breaking it down into logical and sequential steps).
    • Use example of baking a cake (gathering ingredients, sequence of mixing dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately at first then together, including required temperature, baking time, etc.).
  5. Independent Practice Seatwork:
    • Students draw/sketch mind map with materials provided.
    • Students fill in bubbles or blank lines with the aspects and steps associated with securing that first job.
  6. Closure:
    • Provide time for students to share their “game plan” mind map with fellow students.
    • Post mind maps on board and go over.
    • Summarize results.

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