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Valentine Poem Cards are created here from candy conversation heart sayings


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


6, 7  

Title – Valentine Poems
By – Carolyn Newsome
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subject – Computers & Internet
Grade Level – 6-7


      Give a small bag of valentine hearts with “sayings” on them to each student. Instruct students to write the “sayings” on their paper. After they write them down, they may eat the hearts.
      Then, instruct students to write a poem using five of the “sayings” in a 8-10 line poem written in card format. The poems must be typed and illustrated in their computer class.
    Typing the poems in computer class gives them the opportunity to use several functions such as: making a card, using spell check, collecting clip art, word processing, and publishing.


    Write a story using all the “sayings”.

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