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This is a clothing vocabulary activity for ESL and Pre-K student


Language Arts  





Title – My clothes – Your clothes
By – Leonie Voto Bernales
Primary Subject –¬†Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –¬†
Grade Level – Pre-K

This lesson is intended to teach Peruvian children the English names of the clothes they wear.


      Children will identify the English names of common items of clothing and use them in meaningful contexts.
      Children will be using structures: I put on…, I take off…, I wear…, my …, your…
    Materials: paper money (Monopoly), paper clothes cut out of magazines.


      Children are shown real clothes and told the names of each. Teacher points at each item, mentions name and children repeat name. Then teacher goes around class pointing at the shoes, pants, and shirts of each child, asking what color are they. Children answer.
      Children draw pants, shoes, dress at teacher’s prompting.
    Teacher explains to children they are going to play a nice game. Their parents are taking them to the USA and they’re going shopping for clothes there. Most proficient child is chosen as salesgirl, and teacher distributes paper money to children. Salesgirl has cut paper clothes and children go one by one to buy clothes. If they don’t say: I want…, or at least the name of the item, the salesgirl gives prompting while teacher only observes activity from seat in class. Salesgirl then says the price of the article (only 5 and 10 dollar bills are distributed, and price is limited to either of those amounts) and child pays price.


    Children played this game enthusiastically, but they wanted more money to keep on buying. The game ended when the children ran out of money.


    Next day the lesson is repeated, including more names of clothes, and children get Barbie dolls to dress.

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